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Avoiding the Risk of Hiring the Wrong Web Designer

Well, just because someone or an agency offers web design & development service does not necessarily mean they are good in what they do. When hiring a web designer to your firm or outsourcing to a web development service provider, you should be extra careful to analyze thoroughly various vital facets that can either make or break your project/website.


01)   Years of Existence

 It is safer to select a web designer or company that has been operating in the industry for a longtime. This is essential because the more a company or designer has been in the market, the more they would have seen the evolvement of the industry. Firms and designers with the most number of years are expected to be experienced and trustable and would have accumulated enough reviews in the market, which makes it easier for a client when choosing. It is almost tempting to opt for new-comers as they may offer low-cost options, but it is always better to take into consideration not only the cost but also whom you are investing with. You cannot afford to screw-up in the current world.


02)   Number of Projects

 Just because a website designer or a company has been in the market for a long period does not mean they are experienced in handling various types of projects. Look out for who has been handling the most number of projects and the type/sophistication of the works they have done for clients. The more the projects and the higher the sophistication, the better refined will be the party. Someone who hasn’t done many complicated websites are prone to struggle to deliver on-time as well as make mistakes. You might find to your dislike numerous bugs and errors after the project has been handed over.


03)   Status of Clients

 Also don’t forget to check the level of the clients a website development agency or developers serve. Are they bigger parties or small players. Explore how many clients they currently have as well as how many of them are satisfied and how many they have lost or are dissatisfied with their service. Try and ask for their portfolio, talk to their clients plus cross check them with other parties. Do a Google search for their name and find out any remarks or ratings provided.


 04)   Service/Solutions Provided

 If you hire the service of a web designer or freelancer who is good in UI (user interface), graphic design (photoshop/illustrator) as well as developing a website using various technologies such as PHP, Java, Joomla etc, coupled with knowledge in doing Search Engine Optimization (SEO), it will be great. But how often do you find such a person. These web designers and freelancer are constrained in their level of skills/knowledge. Also you might find certain companies that are limited in the level of solutions they offer and are specialized only in offering web design & development and not involved with SEO, Internet Marketing etc.

 That is why choosing a firm that offers comprehensive web solution is a must as they will be offering all the relevant service/solutions that is necessary and goes hand-in-hand with your website. These companies are the ones who will make your website to thrive well in the online world. Plus you will not have to worry about trying to outsource and coordinate between too many parties.


 05)   Employee, Freelancer & Agency

 Another important factor when choosing a web design party is to select whether to hire a  web designer or outsource to a freelancer or an agency. If your company tries to hire a web designer/developers as an employee, make sure you are running a content rich, work intense website which requires constant updates/modifications. Otherwise you will be spending more on the monthly salary than on the website. When hiring a web designer into your firm, ensure they are chosen as a permanent staff or hired on a contract basis. With this approach you have more direct control provided you ask and are provided all relevant info required to understand and maintain the site.

 Outsourcing to a freelancer is a bit more dangerous, since first of all most of them are not insured. In-case any damages occur to you company through them, you might find it useless when claiming damages. Other disadvantages include, less control over them, your rights to the copyright facets as well as deadline/expectations/firing etc depend on the agreement signed. Plus if something happens to the freelancer, you are left helpless.

 Outsourcing to an agency seems to be the ideal decision when considering facets such as law, copyright issues, control, security, reliability and various other vital factors.

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