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Reducing The Bounce Rate Of Your Website

Bounce rate is calculated taking into consideration the number of visitors to a website who leave it after viewing only a single page. Higher bounce rate is not a good indicator for a website. Bounce rate can be high either when a website draws the wrong type of visitors or when the right type of visitors can’t enjoy a satisfactory user-experience & when it actually draws the correct kind of traffic. Yes, in scenarios where visitors arrive on a website and find answers for their issues, have no reason to loiter in that site for longer than necessary.

 Actually this is a good scenario. But here we are going to analyze and troubleshoot the first two types of setbacks. Reducing the bounce rate on your website is essential if you want to engage the right prospects who visit your site and to enjoy a greater chance of an increase on conversions.


 01)   Correctly Position A Website

 First you will have to properly brand and position your website by properly focusing and creating awareness among the target market/segments. Both the onsite as well as offsite facets such as SEO and internet marketing initiatives like social media, Google adwords, email campaigns etc have to be created and executed specifically towards the target audience with a clear message. Even the title tags, meta descriptions, url extensions and other content on the website have to be equipped with the correct data to be effective in landing the correct visitors on your site.


 02)   Cease Pop-Up Advertisements

 Advertisements that pop on your screen and opens on new tabs are really frustrating for visitors since they function mostly as a distraction that veers your attention away from your main reason for arriving on a website. Trying to close these pop-ups depending on their frequency too is time consuming.


03)   Use Intuitive Navigation

 Have you ever arrived on a website and found yourself lost and found it hard to arrive on a specific page or return to the home page? That is another problem. If your internal site linking is done in a poor manner and your visitors are finding it frustrating navigating page to page or finding the exact info they require, then the chances of your website acquiring a high bounce rate is very much likely. Have a proper navigational structure that is straightforward and easy as well as enhances user-experience (such as opening external links in separate tabs), then create a sitemap plus also have a search component for direct queries.


04)   Don’t Have A Sloppy Design

 The current generation looks forward to modern trendy things. Nobody like to spend quality time on boring old fashioned, overly done or half-baked websites. Depending on the target audience, it is best if you get your website designed according to their preference, since it will make them feel that it has been tailored to them.


05)   Faster Loading Pages

 These days everything boils down to seconds when surfing the web. Any websites that are unable to load within few second are not tolerated by visitors. That is why even Google promotes websites that load faster higher in their ranks than the ones that take quite some time.


06)   Mobile-friendly Website

 It is becoming a standard in the industry to develop websites using responsive and adaptive web design methods. Plus websites developed using these techniques are supposed to be user-friendly and enhance the user-experience of the surfers. Users don’t have to pinch and zoom on a site and just have to navigate by clicking on buttons/menus and segregated sections. Search engines like Google prefer mobile-friendly sites when considering ranking factors.


07)   Content Rich Site

 The entire purpose of visiting a website is to get the relevant information. Websites that have valuable in-depth information are much preferred over the ones that don’t. Sites with blogs, articles, forums, presentations, white papers and pdf docs mostly do carry vital information that are accessible and useful to the target visitors. Even search engines like Bing, Yahoo & Google promote such sites higher in their rank.

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