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Myths About Exact Match Domains

An exact-match domain is a domain name that precisely matches the searched keyword phrase of a surfer while including no dashes. And EMD is either a single word like or a phrase like or a geographic location like Exact match domains play a  vital role in the worth of the domain name and the surfer’s assumption of the website. Exact match domain names also broaden to several words – commonly known as long-tail search phrases.

 When people became aware of websites with exact match domain names performing greater in search engine results, they bought more EMDs and the dilemma developed. Google identified Thin-content websites and lesser valued one were outshining more valued websites with great content and purpose. So Google had to slightly adjust their algorithms to screen EMD websites.

 Let’s see below some of the benefits and disadvantages of Exact Match Domains.


Advantages of EMD

  • Great to collect several applicable long-tail traffic
  • Easier targeted anchor text
  • For getting social mentions with keywords
  • To dominate a single niche
  • Helpful for targeting variations in the long tail keyword phrase set
  • Can be very effectual for general commercial intent queries
  • Can be useful in local search


Drawbacks of EMD

  • Restricts brand expansion
  • Generates brand confusion
  • Won’t get the same credit for brand mentions
  • Your brand could be looked as generic
  • Can be tougher to claim social media profiles
  • It can be very hard to relate mentions with your brand
  • Chances of getting affected by Google’s EMD algorithm change
  • Limited in Supply
  • Expensive
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