Blog Feed Sat, 24 Feb 2018 03:44:15 GMT FeedCreator 1.8.0-dev ( Avoiding the Risk of Hiring the Wrong Web Designer Well, just because someone or an agency offers web design & development service does not necessarily mean they are good in what they do. When hiring a web designer to your firm or outsourcing to a web development service provider, you should be extra careful to analyze thoroughly various vital facets that can either make or break your project/website.


01)   Years of Existence

 It is safer to select a web designer or company that has been operating in the industry for a longtime. This is essential because the more a company or designer has been in the market, the more they would have seen the evolvement of the industry. Firms and designers with the most number of years are expected to be experienced and trustable and would have accumulated enough reviews in the market, which makes it easier for a client when choosing. It is almost tempting to opt for new-comers as they may offer low-cost options, but it is always better to take into consideration not only the cost but also whom you are investing with. You cannot afford to screw-up in the current world.


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Reducing The Bounce Rate Of Your Website Bounce rate is calculated taking into consideration the number of visitors to a website who leave it after viewing only a single page. Higher bounce rate is not a good indicator for a website. Bounce rate can be high either when a website draws the wrong type of visitors or when the right type of visitors can’t enjoy a satisfactory user-experience & when it actually draws the correct kind of traffic. Yes, in scenarios where visitors arrive on a website and find answers for their issues, have no reason to loiter in that site for longer than necessary.

 Actually this is a good scenario. But here we are going to analyze and troubleshoot the first two types of setbacks. Reducing the bounce rate on your website is essential if you want to engage the right prospects who visit your site and to enjoy a greater chance of an increase on conversions.


 01)   Correctly Position A Website

 First you will have to properly brand and position your website by properly focusing and creating awareness among the target market/segments. Both the onsite as well as offsite facets such as SEO and internet marketing initiatives like social media, Google adwords, email campaigns etc have to be created and executed specifically towards the target audience with a clear message. Even the title tags, meta descriptions, url extensions and other content on the website have to be equipped with the correct data to be effective in landing the correct visitors on your site.


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Difference Between Responsive & Adaptive Web Design (Mobile-Friendly Web Design Methods) To simply put, Responsive Web Design (RWD) will fluidly change and respond to fit any screen or device size, while Adaptive Web Design (AWD) changes to fit a prearranged set of screen and device sizes. Unlike RWD which relies on flexible and fluid grids, AWD detects a user’s device prior to loading the webpage, it then delivers the suitable version of the site for that device whether it is a desktop, tablet or smart-phone. Based on a designer’s comfort & expertise level, as well as facets such as time and cost, the person may prefer a methodology over the other.

AWD utilizes the components of progressive enhancement to characterize design methods that focus on the user instead of the browser. Progressive enhancement is a robust technique for web developers creating websites – it is the principle of beginning with a solid foundation and adding improvements over it.


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Myths About Exact Match Domains An exact-match domain is a domain name that precisely matches the searched keyword phrase of a surfer while including no dashes. And EMD is either a single word like or a phrase like or a geographic location like Exact match domains play a  vital role in the worth of the domain name and the surfer’s assumption of the website. Exact match domain names also broaden to several words – commonly known as long-tail search phrases.

 When people became aware of websites with exact match domain names performing greater in search engine results, they bought more EMDs and the dilemma developed. Google identified Thin-content websites and lesser valued one were outshining more valued websites with great content and purpose. So Google had to slightly adjust their algorithms to screen EMD websites.

 Let’s see below some of the benefits and disadvantages of Exact Match Domains.


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How To Avoid Getting Penalized By Google After the introduction of Google’s Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird; websites that were using black-hat search engine optimization techniques were found to be in trouble as their ranks started to drop down. Manual actions were taken and site owners were notified the reasons for the penalty, causing for the first-time webmasters and SEO specialists to start looking at Google’s guidelines seriously.


J.C. Penney’s SEO scandal, BMW’s Ban from Google and Ginger Software’s penalty; are clear highlights of how serious Google is taking on refining its’ search engine to offer surfers only valuable information. So since every website owner wants literally their websites to be ranked in high positions on search engines as well as avoid any penalties, let’s look at certain facets that Google does not approve when doing SEO.


01)   Duplicate Content


Google puts more emphasis on having original, authentic, in-depth and fresh content, so that people looking for certain info, will find valuable sources with exact data they require. What Google is trying to do is, when a user searches for a term, it tries to provide multiple related sites that match the term as well as provide different in-depth views to the person on the subject matter. So a duplicate content site really becomes useless for Google and will try to lower it in the ranking to try and push instead unique and well-written ones.



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